KeyTech is unique

Only Keytech can offer you a no risk total design and manufacturing package for silicone rubber keypads; with full responsibility taken for the design and performance of every keypad we produce.

Keytech has more than thirty years of experience in the rubber keypad design business, longer than any other company outside of Asia.

Keytech deals exclusively in designing and manufacturing interfaces, specialising in rubber keypads. We do not make seals or baking sheets, our expertise is in keypads. We are specialists.


As a keypad designer and manufacturer, Keytech is unique in having its own design team. We can meet your interface design requirements from the smallest detail to a total product design package solution.


Keytech can produce a prototype tool at very little cost on a short time scale. When time is of the essence, this service can assist OEMs and designers with the early design and development of a new product.


We guarantee our quality standard. We do not produce moulds without undergoing our rigorous design process. We will not produce product until it has passed our sampling process which is far above industry standard. Any design that fails will be corrected at our cost.

design at your fingertips

We begin working with our customers through our UK admin and design offices. From there we develop the project before it goes to production. For the duration of the development and the production our UK offices will be your point of contact. We do not charge any fee for the development part of the process for any product we manufacture. Keytech are unique in offering this.

companies we have worked with

worldwide products

Many of our products are in use all over the world, spanning many industries and uses.

Keytech are Europe’s only silicone rubber keypad design and manufacturing specialists